The Outpost in the Burbs, Inc

The Outpost in the Burbs, Inc., was formed in 1987 by a group of young adults that met each Sunday at the First Congregational Church in Montclair. They decided to open a coffeehouse as a means of drawing others into the group. The Outpost has been a place where people have enjoyed great music, found new friends and been exposed to personal growth opportunities through volunteerism and community service.

The mission of the Outpost is dedicated to building community through music, community service, and cultural programs. It brings live music to the northern New Jersey community it serves. The Concert Series Program generates a strong sense of community and introduces individuals to the possibility of becoming a volunteer for community service events, helping those in need.

Concerts are often the means by which individuals first become acquainted with the Outpost. People come for the music and are introduced to the idea of volunteering and community service. The majority of the sound and lighting equipment used in the Outpost Concert Series Program is out of date. Advances in technology have resulted in equipment that produces a superior quality of sound, allows for more diverse sounds and lighting effects, and uses electrical power more efficiently.

The grants awarded by The Montclair Foundation to The Outpost last year and this past spring allowed them to upgrade their sound equipment. The purchase of the new equipment has eliminated the need to rent equipment to meet the requirements of any given venue or artist, and the need to rent when equipment is no longer functional.


Any donation you can give will help our community grow into a better place. Your financial contribution will benefit the young, poor, elderly, and furry friends alike.

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