Past Grant Recipients

Montclair has a long history of caring for those in need and of seeking to improve the life of a dynamic suburb

The Montclair Foundation serves as a unique means for preserving and perpetuating this tradition. Since its inception in 1979, the Foundation has supported more than seventy community organizations, including:

Family and Social Services

Coalition for Emergency Shelter
COPE Center
Family Service League
Hollow Day Care Center
Human Needs Food Pantry
Mental Health Resource Center
Montclair Counseling Center

Montclair Shared Housing
Partners for Women and Justice
Senior Care and Activities Center
Sister-to-Sister Mentoring Program
South End Day Care Center
Toni’s Kitchen
Youth Consultation Service


Girl Scouts
Friends of Anderson Park
Montclair Economic Development Corp
Montclair Historical Society
Montclair Inn
Montclair Ambulance Unit

Montclair YMCA
Mountainside Hospital
Presby Iris Gardens
Salvation Army
The Outpost in the Burbs, Inc.

Education and the Arts

Luna Stage Company
Montclair Art Museum
Montclair Film Festival
Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence
Montclair Grass Roots
Montclair Public Library

Montclair Orchestra
Opera Theatre Montclair
New Jersey Music Society
Project Graduation
The Side Door
12 Miles West Theatre
Unity Concerts


Any donation you give will help improve our community and build capacity – making an impact in the world.

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